Documents of the Senzig Family

Birth Certificates

Jean Nicolas Senzig (Nick of Ashland, WI)
Sarah Riorden Senzig (Baptismal certificate)
Angela Hilt; 5th Year of the French Republic
Barbe Nicola; Rehling, 1815
Magdalena Schellenbach; Rehling, 1817
Nicolas Sensig; Guerlfangen, 1840
Catherine Muller; Voelfling, 1843
Angela Senzig; Oberesch, 1844*
Catharina Senzig; Niedaltdorf, 1847*
Mathais Senzig; Niedaltdorf, 1849*
Nicolas Senzig, Voelfling, 1866
Anne Senzig; Voelfling, 1867
Jean Nicolas Senzig; Voelfling, 1869
Pierre Senzig; Voelfling, 1870
Catherine Senzig; Voelfling, 1872
Jean Senzig; Voelfling, 1875
Suzanne Senzig; Voelfling, 1877
* Children of the second marriage of Nicolas Senzig, father of Nicolas Senzig that migrated to US with his children. These are his half-siblings.

Marriage Certificates

Oswald Senzig & Marie Adamy; October 7, 1703
Jacque Senzigh & Marie Catherine Haas; October 30,1738
Nicolas Senzig & Magdalena Schellenbach; January 14, 1841
Nicolas Senzig & Barbara Nicola; January 18, 1844
Nicolas Senzig & Catherine Muller; August 2, 1864

Coming to America

Passage of the Senzig Family from Antwerp to New York
Naturalization Certificate - Jean Nicolas (Nick) Senzig
Naturalization Certificate - Sarah Riorden Senzig

Public Records of Business

The deed of gift from Emperor Charles V, Duke of Burgundy,
to Antoine de Senzig, knight and Mayor of Treir (1531)

Purchase of Hekling Mill by Jean Adam Senzig, brother of
Oswald Senzig, ancestorof the Nicholas line (1737)

Death Certificates and Obituaries

Magdalena Schellenbach (1817-1843)
Elisabeth Sentzig, Infant 1865
Jean Senzig, age 2 months, 1875
Jean Nicolas Senzig (Nick) (1869 - 1951)
Sarah Senzig (1876 - 1961)