The Family Homeland

The red cross marks the village of Sentzich, the village of our origin. The blue arrow points at Woelflingen, The village of Nicholas Senzig. This village is in France, but one can supposedly throw a stone to Germany from here. The village of Ittersdorf, in Germany, is 3 km away. 75% of the population of Ittersdorf has the surname Senzig. It is not difficult to see why the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 was a tradgedy for our family, why Nicholas Senzig felt compelled to leave.(The green line is the French-German border) The small country inside the green triangle is Luxembourg.

The Long Walk of the Senzig Family

Catherine Muller Senzig was quite large when this 200 mile walk began. Pausing along the way long enough to have her ninth baby, she walked with Nicholas and the surviving 5 children on a trek of some months to Antwerp, where they got on the boat to America!

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