Family Distribution

Our family had kept to a pretty small circle around Saarland in Germany, and Alscase in France for hundreds of years. The Franco-Prussian War of 1870 caused a dispersement of many. There is a small branch in the Pyrenese Mountains in the South of France and a few in South America. At that time Nicolas Senzig brought his children (5) and Peter Senzig came over on his own at age 17. (One of the children of Nicolas is also named Peter) Virtually all of the U.S. Senzigs are descended from these two sources.

The descendents of Peter Senzig are mostly settled in Indiana with a few in the Florida panhandle. The European-born children of Nicholas and Catherine spread into Northern Wisconsin, and the first generation of American-born to Nicolas and his second wife all stayed close to the family farm in Lyndon Station. Jean-Nicolas (Nick) had 12 children in Ashland, WI And they spread all over the country. Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, California and the next generation even more - into Kentucky, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina. The first to go to Texas and to New Jersey are no longer there, but younger generations have moved back into these states.