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on our homeland

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many family documents

present day distribution,

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2005 Holiday Yearbook

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Family portraits of the
4 sons of Marge and Joe Senzig


The interactive genealogical chart
done by Don Senzig is now maintained by his brother Bob Senzig. Please report births, deaths, and marriages to have them included
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Marge Wilcox Senzig Tree

Don Senzig

Don has compiled
lots of information
showing how hard
he has worked on
behalf of the family.
We appreciate his
immense contribution!
Don Senzig's site

Remembering Don

Tribute to Don

Uss Senzig on StarTrek

Individual Senzig Pages

Mike Senzig

Adventures Photo Gallery
Kevin Senzig
Weston . .. Karla

Birthdaysof the descendents
of Joe and Marge Senzig

Eric and Crystal Senzig Family
Singing Sensation
Alex Senzig


Commercial Senzig Websites

Piper Senzig Hood's Hub925

Awakened Expressions by Michelle Senzig

Holly Senzig Thompson Tee Shirts, Mugs etc with the 2 family crests

Mark Senzig at Healing Flower

Senzig Engineering

Nyssa Senzig; Be Present Therapy

Mae Lynn's Bow Box - Bows for babies

Senzig's Fine Home Furnishings

Randy SenzigThousand Oaks Mortgage

Roger Senzig

Roger devoted 10 years of
his life in the geneology
project with his cousin,
Helmut Lang, which
produced our introduction
to the knowledge we have
of our European roots.
Roger was instrumental in
the organization of the
family meetings that took
place at the Senzig farm
in Wisconsin, Las Vegas,
and in Europe. We are
deeply indebted for his
invaluable contributions!

Senzigs in the Military

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